Sunday, January 31, 2016

U.S.A., Land of Limitations? 
Nicholas Kristof 
August 8,2015

    This author argues that there isn't any truth in saying that we are living in a land of opportunities because there's limitations put on some lives right from the beginning. I believe Kristof's main point was to address the problem that not enough focus is on this issue of limitations. He states a couple times,"Now, that's what the presidential candidates should be discussing". (Kristof) He's making the point that as a nation we are focusing and going back and forth on things that are not particularly what we should be focusing a lot of our time on. There's the big problem of poverty, as well as many other things but Kristof believes that poverty isn't at the top of the list of things that need to be addressed and worked on. The people who have the power to address the issue are not usually part of the low income class and don't feel the need to do anything about it because they are not witnessing nor are they suffering therefore isn't an problem for them. 
     Kristof also talks about how being brought into and raised by certain families and their standings, will affect the kind of limitations that child will have on their lives. "A child born in the bottom quintile of incomes in the United States has only a 4 percent chance of rising to the top quintile, according to a Pew Study."(Kristof) In different parts of the world, the percentages change but are still low. Children who are born into a family of low income is shown/said to have a life where they never make it to earn more than their parents and end up still in with low income. I agree with was Kristof is saying because if someone is brought up and raised in an environment where they become comfortable with for example, drugs and alcohol, they are more than likely to follow in the same path. Not a lot of people in theses types of situations are able to get out. Like Kristof says, "It happens, but not often."I believe that anyone can get out of a bad situation, it just takes that person to be motivated to become better,and go farther.  
    Kristof mentions one of his old friends, Rick Goff and how he struggled with limitations he had on his life. From how Kristof talks about Rick, I picked up that he was a smart and hard working male who grew up not being able to really show he's talents due to the limitations put on him. This connected to his argument that some children have limitations put on them from the beginning. Rick Goff wasn't born into a high income home, therefore always struggled to make it higher in life. 
    Overall, I saw Kristof's point as not everyone is given a fair shot at opportunities because it's being based off where they come from and not from who they are.

Questions/ Comments / Points to Share: 
I believe that this is such a big problem that is still going on now and will still go in the future. There are people who believe strongly that your past shapes your future and you have nothing to do with it and you will follow that path. Even though it doesn't happen as often as it should, people do try and become better than what they are born into. Everyone is said to be born with a clean slate but is that really what happens? 


I think this cartoon shows that this issue isn't going to go away in the future. People of higher problem will keep ignoring the problem and the number of people suffering from poverty will just keep increasing. 

Thursday, January 28, 2016

A Little Something About Me

I come from a family of six people at home. 
Dad, Makayla(17), Me(20), Mom, Jasmine(21) & Bethany(16)
The picture above of my whole family is from my past birthday which was only a few days ago! January 23th! We went out to this Portuguese restaurant that I absolutely LOVE! 
Having so many girls in the house is crazy but I'm happy that we are so close in age because we actually get along really well and I don't know what I would do without them. 
My parent's are also the best because they support everything I do and are the ones always encouraging me to be the best I can be. They always give me that boost in the right direction and I can go to them for anything. 
oh & I can't forget the dog! 
Her name's Bailey and she's almost 5 years old. She's a mix between 
a shih tzu and a poodle. 

(Me and Jessica)
This is my best friend Jessica. We met when we were in the same third grade class and we've been friends ever since. She goes to school now in New Hampshire but whenever she is down, we make sure to hangout. She even drove down here for 2 hours right before the crazy snow we just had just to go out to my birthday dinner with my family. I can always counts on her to be there for me for whatever I need. 
(Senior Prom)
(Us Deciding How We Should Pose)
(Movie Theater in Florida)

The pictures above are of my boyfriend Ben and I. We just hit our fourth year of being together and I couldn't be any happier to have such an amazing person in my life.
Daytona Beach, Florida 2015
                                                (Plane Views)
Over the summer I spent so much time at the beach with my friends and family. In August right before last semester started, I went to Florida with my boyfriend. We stayed near Daytona Beach for 5 days. I don't usually travel and the last time I did, I was too young and don't remember. I loved loved loved the time I spent there and now I can remember every minute of it! It was fun and really was a relaxing time for me since I was working everyday over the summer non stop. The only thing I really hated was the plane. I get really motion sick and knew it was going to be terrible for me, and it was. The day we left, their was a huge rain/wind storm and the plane ride was soo shaky at times. The plane ride on the way back was also terrible but at least it was shorter since is was a straight through flight. Other than the terrible plane rides, the trip was amazing. 

I work at a Day Care a couple minutes from my home and it's the best job ever. I love walking into a classroom and the kids immediately run up to you and are soo happy to see you. 

Little Facts:
* I love love love the zoo.*
* I have a little obsession with giraffes.*
*I'm a Patriots Fan.*
*I'm majoring in Secondary Ed in Mathematics.*
*I watch Ellen DeGeneres almost everyday.*
*I'm a big fan of The Bachelor.*
*I enjoy painting and drawing. My room is covered with my artwork.*
*My favorite foods are between shrimp, french fries, french toast and macaroni and cheese.*(very strange combination)
*My favorite movie at the time is The Longest Ride.*
*Obsessed with Beyonce BUT My Favorite Music is Country.*